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One in 3 Homes in Tucson Selling For Under $100,000

By Rob O’Dell, The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona, Jan 2, 2012
"Tucson’s housing market has fallen so hard so fast that more than one in three homes sold last year went for less than $100,000.…
…Hundreds of homes sold last year at what can only be called extreme prices: 800 homes sold for under $35,000, nearly 300 of them going for under $25,000 and 15 going for under $10,000.…" http://www.loansafe.org/1-in-3-homes-here-sell-for-under-100k


Anonymous said...

Why bother with "Constructing an earthbag home is considered by many to be the most inexpensive method of building a home..." (from your previous post) if housing is this cheap? Surely the most efficient use of resources is to use the houses that already exist?

paula said...

thankyou for posting this

Anonymous said...

My brother and I sold my late father's house in Perth Amboy,NJ in 2005 for $220,000. It resold in October, 2011 for $87,500.

Owl said...

An interesting post, why certain places go into decline is something I wonder about while on my wanders (be it on foot or online).
I found this blog while I was grabbing a quick coffee break http://www.dirjournal.com/info/abandoned-places-in-the-world/ perhaps not the most cheerful of things but shows how even larger settlements steadily fall to ruin.

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