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Irene Helps Get Word Out About Tiny Homes

One of the rewarding things about this blog is running across so many kindred spirits, especially Irene Tukuafu. She and I and my wife Lesley have emailed back and forth for a year or two. Totally in tune. A few days ago, Irene sent out the below email to her list of about 200 people. Not only kind words, but the sort of thing that helps get the word out about Tiny Homes.

"Family and Folks, okay, sooooooooooooo here's a book I've waited for over a year to read for my self. I've followed this guys books for over 30 years and it's pretty much Lloyd Kahn that I got ideas on building a round house. oh yes, it evolved, but he was the start of it. I've just spent 2 hours just "glancing" at the photos.....many photos of this book. I can say that ALL OF YOU would benefit by either getting to a library or just… buy it. There is so much in here that you will learn by just looking at the photos....let alone reading it. yep, gonna read it next and it will keep me SUPER BUSY....for a long time. You will find simple ways to build CREATIVELY. a little green house, a little cabin, a house boat, a camper something. AND you'll be a knowing what other folks are doing that are NOT paying a big mortgage payment. They's doing it themselves in these tiny houses. You might not agree with the tiny house way of doing things, but you'll see things YOU CAN DO that would help you in adding onto a room or whatever you've been thinking about but just NEED SOME INSPIRATION. over 1,300 photos.

Nope, I don't work for him. Just telling you that living a creative live is a JOY and I'm grateful that I became acquainted with his books 30 years ago and I'm still thinking CREATIVELY. I'm not done building creatively and got wayyyyyyyyy too many ideas to even get to sleep tonight. ZOWIE.…"




Jeff Bragg said...

I can't seem to get the links to work.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Jeff, Thanks for the heads up -- fixed.

Irene Tukuafu said...

wow, what a surprise to see this here. I'm now 70 and we are "still growing" in the descendants department. 50 grandchildren, 3 greats and 2 grands in the "hatch". I've just finished the TINY HOMES books. how totally fabulous!! now to follow up on all the websites from your book. You may wonder why I'd be looking at a tiny home...after this home that we've built. We want to build a little home in Utah to stay in when we visit our wonderful "gang" there. aloha, Irene

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