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Flatbed Truck Converted to Housetruck in Scotland

"Take a look at this conversion located in Inverness-shire, Scotland dubbed “The Beer Moth”. Surpassing it’s intended use as a fire service truck, it now houses guests as a vacation rental. The Beer Moth, which is a 1956 Conmer Q4 rescued by Walter, the current owner and now sits at his … 'The Inshriach House.'
Here in the states it would be quite easy to acquire an old military vehicle similar to this with a canvas back and perform a similar restoration as The Beer Moth to make nice little tiny house on wheels.…"


Walter said...

Hi Lloyd,

Im very flattered that you of all people have picked up on the 'moth. Its in no small way inspired buy the trucks in Home Work (as in fact are my yurt and bothy)...

Cheers from sunny scotland, Walter

Odessa Coldiron said...

A house truck?! How cool is that! It looks like a miniature house complete with the dining set and a bed. It will be more fun if this truck is moving and rollin’ on the streets! People will sure give this a second look.

Ricks Hall said...
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