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Volkswagen Van Vagabonds

Email from Kevin Kelly yesterday:
"Classic, but with some good stuff. They have a book, too.
Van: http://shltr.net/vwvankk1
I like their tools: http://shltr.net/vwvankk
-- KK"
   "Driving some of the worst roads that Mexico, Central America, South America and Africa could throw at us the van never left us stranded for long. From high atop the Andes to the dry Namibian deserts to the foothills of Kilimanjaro, it thrived on whatever fuel we could find and happily chugged along as the third member of our team.
    The pop-top roof and the camping equipment made us a spectacle from Nicaragua to Uganda. Inside our tiny van Amanda created a miniature rolling abode by sewing throw pillows and adding those special touches that create the feeling of home.
   Within our cocoon we made a comfortable life for ourselves with very limited resources. We cooked our own meals, and by the end of the trip had slept more than a thousand nights in our cozy pop top bed.…"

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Anonymous said...

Some of my greatest memories as a man in my twenties are traveling in my 72 poptop Westy. So many waves found, and a few wonderful girls to accompany me along the way. Recently I decided to buy one and was horrified to find the perfect poptop I ended up parting with for $800 was going for about 8K.

That van equaled one very, very significant thing during that period of my life: Pure, unfiltered Freedom.

A very sweet cup to have drunk from.

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