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Chicken Coop Living Roof and Happy Chickens

The reason we now have such a nice chicken coop is that it was built by Billy Cummings and not me. All I did was put on the exterior siding, The chickens absolutely love the place. They have a big yard outside (with surround aviary wire -- going down into the ground at perimeter) and a cozy rat-proof room in which they roost. Concrete floor, covered with straw. The roof is filling in nicely.
   The weather has been blue-skies, clear, warm during day, which I find a bit creepy. The woods are dry. The aquifers need replenishing.
   "Really love the rain, against my window…" -Toots in Memphis. Fabulous album, 1988, with Muscle Shoals backup, I swear Toots in channeling Otis here.
   Saw first episode of new season's "Shameless" last night. Wicked!


Anonymous said...

Great Coop! Interesting blog. I gave your blog mention on mine.

JAAKOLArchitecture said...

Unfortunately, the article does not tell you how to build and drain a green roof. One might have to consultant an expert such as an architect.

Chris Lopes said...

where do they get in and out?

Tabitha Washburn said...

I would imagine you would build the roof with a bit of a slant to handle the drainage, or you could always add gutters but that would probably drain too much. Notice the garden looks to be a layer above the board around the top edge of the building. It overhangs the building so perhaps it has drain holes in that over hang. I think there are several possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Do the chickens eat all the vegetation off the roof garden? I would love to do this but if the chickens have access to the roof they would just scratch it up and eat it up. They would be happy though!

Doyel akter said...

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