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$500 Home in Hawaii

Also from: http://themoderncabin.com/ (which seems endless) When you click on a photo, Justin gives you the reference. This one: "Talk about shoestring budget! Chelsea Kohl, a 22-year-old native of Hawaii, built her home on her father's property for literally...$500. Featured in Dwell magazine a few months ago, this home could pass as a mixed media art installation of found objects: old wine bottles embedded in the wall, windsurf boards as part of the roof, even the flatbed part of a truck for a sleeping loft.…"


Mark A said...

Beautiful home. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Check this site out: http://freecabinporn.com/ the tiny homes movement is surely growing. Cheers. Dan Renaud

Tim Joe said...

Nonny Mouse! What a great link! Thanks

Staroid said...

Great job! The sheet metal was probably most of the cost

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