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200 Buildings of Natural Materials

This is my cousin Mike Kahn's sculptural house in Cottonwood, Arizona, known as "Eliphante." It is featured in our book Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter.
   It and about 200 other images are shown on the below Picasa scrapbook. Posted by Bioconstruccio Inspiracions, who say (in Spanish) that this "… folder contains material related to biology and buildings that could be called inspiring…sustainable and creative."
No credits to photographers seem to be given.


RoadieRyan said...

I just got Home Work from the library and really enjoyed looking though it, going to have to buy a copy along with the new Tiny Homes book! Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring books Lloyd.

The Flying Tortoise said...

Thanks for posting that Lloyd, some wonderful material there...

arlene said...

that is so cool

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