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Surfing Main Street

Lew discovered this at http://www.facebook.com/cowan.bruce. Looks like a photo of a 2-page spread in a book. No idea where or when. '30s-'40s?

Straighten Up and Fly Right-Andrews Sisters, 1940s

A buzzard took a monkey for a ride in the air,
The monkey thought that everything was on the square.
The buzzard tried to toss the monkey of of his back
But the monkey grabbed his neck and said now listen, Jack:
Straighten up and fly right,
Straighten up and fly right,
Straighten up and fly right,
Cool down papa, don’t you blow your top.

Goiji's cargo bike trailer home in British Columbia

I am Goji from Prince George, BC and I just bought Homework and liked seeing what others have done, it is very inspirational. I have read 9 books from the Ringing Cedars series that inspired me to live a more purer existense and I felt inspired to build a temporary mobile dwelling to live out of, that can be pulled by a bicycle. I lived out of it for about 4 or 5 months. I pedaled this cargobike from Ashcroft, BC to Hedly, BC in 2009 and got aride for the last bit of distance to Oliver, BC where I thought I could work for the purchase of land to co-create a living space of love on. Things didn't work out and I had to sell the bike to get back to Prince George, BC and left the trailer in Oliver. I just thought you would like to see what I built for myself. It had advertising on one side for the Ringing Cedars books and advertising on the other to get me work.

Much joy and laughter
Goji Leakey
Prince George, BC

Timber Frame and Natural Building Work Exchange 2011 in Missouri

The Wabi-sabi sub-community (Ziggy, April, Thomas, and Ali) at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage are seeking individuals to help with building our cooperative kitchen and maintaining our organic vegetable gardens for the summer of 2011.
  Are you interested in roundwood timber framing? Do you want to get some hands-on experience building using natural materials? Would you like to experience community life in an off-the-grid, sustainable ecovillage?…
  Wabi-sabi wants to host excited work exchangers during April to October 2011 to help with the construction of a timber frame, straw bale and cob kitchen.…
  The Wabi-sabi kitchen is a oval structure composed of a reclaimed urbanite foundation, a local roundwood timber frame, and eventually, a reclaimed metal roof and straw bale/cob walls with an attached greenhouse and outdoor cooking space.…
  We are seeking builders with timber frame or carpentry experience.
  This season, building work will largely consist of helping to design and construct a timber frame from locally harvested roundwood using hand tools. Logs will be cut, split, hewn, mortised, and shaped to build the frame for our kitchen. The ideal candidate would have experience using hand tools to shape logs (saws, adzes, chisels, etc.), but a candidate with more general carpentry experience could be a fine candidate, too. Ultimately, we are seeking an individual excited and enthusiastic to experiment and learn about timber framing techniques and methods!

Great Blue Heron lets me get close

On my way to the beach around 5:30 PM yesterday, I spotted a blue heron in the creek, Funny, because these are the spookiest birds in the area, and this one wasn't bothered by my proximity. I kept inching forward, shooting pics, until I was about 25 ft. away. He stayed there, aware of my presence for sure, but not concerned. Finally I walked past his part of the creek and went around a bend. I heard this fluttering, and he had flown over my head and descended into the creek right in front of me. It was a thrill, this elegant creature swooping so close. (Look at those delicate white plume feathers, nature's decoration.)
This is the same general area where I talked to an owl one dark night a few years ago -- no kidding, owl and me had a conversation -- and Ron and I spotted a young mountain lion another time. It's where a creek comes down from the mountain into an estero and ultimately the sandy beach. Maybe there are spots on this earth where the elements, including planetary vibes, come together in harmony and animals allow us a closer look.

Horse on beach last night

I was on the beach last night around sunset. The surf was big and I was taking pictures of 2 surfers (who were getting hammered) and turned around and here was this horse and rider materializing out of the surf. (It was darker than it looks here.)

Riding the cable across the river to Louie's house

To get to my friend Louie's house, you ride a cable 500 feet across a river. Here's a short video of me walking down the road, climbing up to the 30' high platform, attaching the bosun's chair, and rolling across the river. On the other side there's another platform and another cable to get back. It's a thrill every time. Not for the faint hearted.

Building a Roundhouse with woodhenge and cobwood

Great video discovered by Lew:

Tiny house built of pallets

"This shelter was designed for refugees in Kosovo, back in 2006. Now it is being developed by i-beam design for use as inexpensive and efficient low-cost housing not only for people displaced by natural disasters but also as a solution for affordable pre-fab housing. In most cases in a disaster relief effort, many of the pallets will arrive as part of the transportation of food and materials; so the basic materials are there already. The shelters can be built by hand at a rate of 500-600 pallets per day. One transitional shelter measuring 10’ x 20’ would take 80 pallets to build and cost approximately $500."
From kevinsmicrohomestead blog

Horseneck clams and a marauding seagull tonight

It's really a lot of heavy shoveling in sticky clay-y sand to get these clams, so no one does it. Me, I have a strange affinity for shoveling, having done it since age 12, and I look on it as a workout. Got these 5 after about 45 min. of shoveling. Took them out and put them in the channel to wash off, went back to get my shovel, and when I got back, a seagull was tugging one of them along. Chased him off. What an opportunist! Such a strong, elegant bird. A survivor.

I leave them in salt water with corn meal sprinkled on top overnight (makes them discharge sand). Then will take long necks, blanch off skin, Cuisinart the white meat, and make clam fritters. Will make broth with the rest of the clams.

Cacti luminosity

So much going on now, can't capture much of it. Numero uno, the tiny homes book gets more fabulous weekly. Sheesh! We've hit a vein here. Plus the book is now alive and healthy and growing daily. I did 6 pages in the last two days, mama mia! What people are doing out there…
This afternoon, went clamming, stopped off at Eatdog's succulent garden to set up for a photo shoot later this week, and shot this in the afternoon sun.

Panorama of lagoon

Panorama of lagoon with wisps of fog shot on a bike ride Friday.

Birchbark sauna in Finland

"Birch bark has been used in Finland for centuries as a construction material and as material for making small objects like baskets and shoes. One of birch bark's features is good thermal insulation. The surface is water repellent and it can be gently washed with water. Some components of birch bark also protect it from decomposing.
Finnish architects Teija Losoi, Anne Varsamäki and Ilari Pirttilahti used the technique to build a lightweight sauna - basically a huge traditional birch bark basket turned upside down. The light walls are supported by a wooden structure that is hidden inside two layers of braided birch bark.…"