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Wondermill Grain Mill

For 30 years we had an electric stoneground flour mill. It finally gave out and I got a steel-ground mill, and is it great. I realize the stoneground is the better way to go, but the new mill is so fast (20 times as fast), it's a joy to use. We're grinding most of our own flour for bread etc. We grind organic California short-grain brown rice for cream of rice cereal. Easy to cook, delicious (a little butter, dark sugar, milk), and it's a meal of whole grains, freshly ground. I also use it to grind whole oats (called groats) into flour to make sourdough pancakes. No wheat. They're delicious, and thanks to the sourdough, chewy. Fresh ground whole grains. Easy to do. http://www.thewondermill.com/


Julie said...

Can you feel a difference in the quality of the flour? I also have this electric mill but I don't think the flour is as "silky" as the stone ground.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Julie, There are 3 settings. The finest, for bread, is maybe a little "grainy," but fine (sic) for us.

Dominic said...

Lloyd, even if your pancakes are made with oat flour, isn't the sourdough made with wheat?

Lloyd Kahn said...

Yes, but very small amount of wheat. I nab some of Lesley's starter when she's making bread and mix in bowl of oat flour and buttermilk the night before.

Urban Homemaker said...

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