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Vintage Transport

Thanks to Robin B.


Gill said...

Lloyd, I've been reading a lot of old Popular Mechanics magazines lately, Google has scanned them and posted them online. I found one from 1921 that you might get a kick out of. The cover story is on page 336.


There is a wealth of great old info in these old mags. Lots of how to articles, camper trailer plans, truck camper plans, make a DIY welder kit...

Can't say I'm a fan of what PM has become, but I do like the old ones.

I've saved a bunch of other links if you're interested.


Lloyd Kahn said...

Great! Found myself going thru all the pages. Sure, send links. Will post on blog. Thanks,

Gill said...

Here are just a few or so... Like you I get caught up scrolling and seeing all kinds of stuff... Solar energy articles from the 30's... gotta love it huh?

Tiny home - trailer links

Trailer Home Folds For Travel
PM pg 90
Camping Trailer
PM May 58
pg 149

Utilizing All Trailer Space
PM pt 137
Curved Rafters made without glue
PM pg 214
Houses built of Reeds
PM May 53 pg 144
Build your own greenhouse
PM May 56 pg 165
Can on trialer wall provide running water in isolated area
PM May 1956 pg 206

I hope you can just point folks to the site in general, there is so much lost DIY info there... I grew up knowing older guys that had mill in their garage, to have that skill..oh well.

BTW it's not just PM and PS magazines there... theres a crapload of others too.



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