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Video of Lloyd by Hold Fast Video

A few months ago I got an email from a producer working on a series of short videos on "authenticity," wanting to come and shoot some video here. It was for Sailor Jerry Rum. Hmmmm. OK, can I get a bottle of the rum? Well yes, and it arrived a week later. It was a spiced rum -oh oh - but I was surprised that it was pretty good. Reasonably priced and I made a great version of rum and coke, with the rum, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice. OK, I said, and 4 v. cool guys from Hold Fast Video (SoCal) showed up and we had a great 2-3 hours. Fun. Here's the result; I like the snappy editing:


bayrider said...

Wow, great little films and very effective, now I want to buy some of that rum and one of those Hammerhead motorcycles. I've already got your books:)

Stephanie said...

"Respect the Legacy" ... did you see that at the very end of the vid on the logo? Awesome, Lloyd ... you are definitely a legend to me. Awesome vibe you put out, in just under 2 minutes. I want some of that rum, too, but I won't wait 20 years to start skateboarding ... I'm 46, I suppose it's time ...

Anonymous said...


Susan said...


Adam Smith said...

don't you mean khaaaaan!!!

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