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Tumbleweed Tiny House Press Release

PRESS RELEASE -- For immediate release
Presenting an Affordable Solution to the Housing Crisis
Since the bank bailout, over 5,000,000 US homes have been foreclosed. Can you imagine what our economy would look like today if we built smaller, more affordable homes 10 years ago? The housing crisis is at the crux of our failing economy. The bottom line is that bank lending policies created a housing market fixated on larger and larger homes while ignoring the long term impact to our economy and environment. Unfortunately, we don’t see any indications that change is coming.
   We understand that Occupy Wall Street is divisive and many in the Small House Movement disagree. We also believe that Occupy Wall Street provides the world’s largest stage to bring awareness to a real alternative. Our message is too important to ignore – which is why we continually embrace the opportunity to spread the word wherever we can; from Fox Business News to Al Jazeera TV, and now Occupy Wall Street. On December 13th, 2011, Tumbleweed Founder and Small House Advocate Jay Shafer will go to Occupy Wall Street with a tiny house in tow to suggest a true alternative.

Jay Shafer is recognized as an expert in small living. He is a designer specializing in sustainable architecture and urban planning. He has lectured extensively on these subjects for such venues as the Eco-Dwelling program at New College, the Boston Architectural Center, and the University of Iowa’s School of Art and Art History where he served as Adjunct Assistant Professor for more than a decade.
Jay’s designs and essays have appeared in a number of periodicals, books, and television shows including “Fine Homebuilding”, “The Wall Street Journal”, “The New York Times”, “CNN”, “Oprah”, and “This Old House”. Awards include selection for the American Institute of Architect’s 2005 Sustainable Design Symposium (Dee Williams, collaborator), and Natural Home’s Home of the Year Award for Innovative Design in 2000.
To schedule an interview with Jay Shafer or obtain more information, contact Brett Torrey Haynes brett@tumbleweedhouses.com (877) 331-8469 x 2
Images of Jay’s Homes:


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