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Treehouse in New Zealand With Remote-Controlled Drawbridge

"We've seen a lot of sweet treehouses in our day, but never one with a remote-controlled drawbridge! Jono Williams got together with a group of friends to build this high tech "Best Hut" treehouse in New Zealand, but this isn't the first time the 24 year old engineer/graphic designer has relived his childhood with such a fun project. In fact, this is his 10th treehouse and counting, and it's one of the most sophisticated. Built almost completely out of recycled materials, the 12 meter square hut has a rainwater harvesting system, a hot water heater, a gas-heated bath, LED lighting, and - did we mention this already? - a radio-controlled drawbridge. Plus it only cost $1,500 to build."


Carol said...

Look at all the photos. Unless they were taken over a period of years, they don't make sense. I also don't see evidence of the control apparatus, which must be like a garage door opener. Inhabitat....

Lloyd Kahn said...

Right, the other pics are of a different treehouse. Maybe the drawbridge slides out from under the house.

PhilM said...

There is a youtube video of the tree house now. The drawbridge does slide out from underneath the house. Video clearly shows a garage door motor pulling the bridge out. I think that the interior is rather stark. Needs some wood and funk added, but what a view.

garages nz said...

Such architects are really great and NZ is best at such activities.

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