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Tiny Texas Houses Makes Tiny Homes Tiny Book

A totally unexpected treat came in the mail a few days ago: a tiny (4" x 4") handmade book by Brad and Bryl of Tiny Texas Houses. It was made with a paper bag and has 6 pull-out tabs. Incredible.
There are 6 pages on Brad's Tiny Texas Houses in Tiny Homes. All built with salvaged material, designs based on local shacks and farm buildings. The cover of (our) book is one of TTH's buildings with a rainbow, and they used it as a cover for their mini-book.

To the left of center here is a thin chip of wood that pulls out. Best holiday card ever. Everything about our about-to-be-launched book is feeling good!

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Anonymous said...

Handmade with love ! by a William Morris fan ? Beautiful arts & crafts book...

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