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Tiny Homes Are Hot!

I sure wish I could say we cleverly timed it this way, but it's been pure fortuitousness. Two years in the making, and our tiny homes book is about to arrive in the USA next week* and verily, the subject is hot as a firecracker. The media can't get enough of tiny homes right now. Easy to see why: bankrupt mortgages, grossly overlarge houses, high rents. What's a poor boy to do but build his own house? What;s a poor girl to do but the same?

Above fromABC News, Charleston, S.C., Dec. 26, 2011
"Local couple builds 200 square feet dream home
…Not long out of college, uncertainty in the current economy is what the couple says was a key element in their decision to enter the tiny house market.…The couple says any time they talk about the house, there is plenty of interest. They hope their construction will spark enough interest to spread the popularity of tiny houses and their benefits.…"
"'People my age, people I talk to that don't want to be indebted, people that are coming out of college in an economically unstable time. ...Many are interested,' Tremols said.…"

*by sea from Hong Kong through the Panama Canal, up the Mississippi through New Orleans to Memphis, Tennessee, thence a few hundred miles by truck to the Perseus/PGW warehouse, from whence it'll be shipped out to bookstores, should be available late January. Boy, it's been a long haul.


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