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Tiny Container Homes

"Why would anyone want to live in a tiny container home? As the world economic system continues to erode, more and more people are seeking out a more ‘self sustaining’ lifestyle. This new shift in lifestyle choices has inspired many movements including the tiny homes movement and it’s ingenious tiny house plans, one of which is the ‘tiny container homes’ model.
   The appeal of the tiny homes movement reaches down inside many of us and gives us a feeling of being masters of our own destiny. The tiny container homes offer so much more than just monetary savings. They are a symbol of freedom from the rat race, and from fear of the devastating effects of economic ruin. Tiny homes often feature solar power, and are mobile, allowing their owners to move as needed or wanted. The ability to move the home to any desired location, often where there is land to garden, ranch or farm, makes living in a tiny home, and even a tiny container home, an ideal solution to feeling secure in an world full of insecurity.…"
Credit on this story: Rowdy Kittens
Note: Pic shown is not a container, but rather what appears to be a nicely designed wooden mini-caboose on a truck bed. (A curved roof makes a small space feel way more spacious.)


James Schipper said...

The truck is a guy in Portland (or at least he was in Portland). You can check out his blog about the truck here. Lots of pictures of the truck built on the linked Flickr account there. It's a metal framed custom build. http://polymecca.com/housetruck/index

John Labovitz said...

Howdy! Yes, I'm in Portland, the NE area to be more specific. I'm actually trying to head out for the winter, but I'm in the midst of trying to get the transmission fixed. :( Plans are to get on the road by the weekend.


Hinzi said...

John, what is the story behind - or in front of - the beautiful square of plywood? ;-)

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