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Thankful Yurt

"We are a French-American family with two little ones, building our eco-home in the Dordogne countryside. Kevin is French, a carpenter and green builder (as well as a translator), Elizabeth is American and a full-time mama and formerly a psychotherapist in California. We have a delightful 3 year old boy and baby girl. We are very interested in sustainable living and growing, permaculture, meditation and community. And you!
*please note: We would love to host volunteers with building skills, especially skills in carpentry, wood-working and roofing!"


Mateo said...

That is a cool photo.... Gonna Yurt it up some day for sure! Saw you on a skate website not long ago too... Keep shredddin.

Paula said...

Amazon is already recommending "Tiny Homes" for me, despite the fact that my last purchase was directly from you.

penelope said...

oh! I hope you find out. I really love it, too.

Rick Gordon said...

http://is.gd/ASWJUq will lead you to your answer.

Rick Gordon said...

The family with the yurt is here:
Green building in the Dordogne countryside

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