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Road Trip Up The Coast

I met my friend Louie in Bodega Bay yesterday. We went out in his homemade sailboat to pull up a crab pot. Only one crab. Then north along Hwy 1. The pic below is of the beach at Jenner, the mouth of the Russian River, where it was churning with life of seal and bird persuasion. Then  over the next 10 or so miles of winding often-hair-pin cliffside highway to the Timber Cove Inn, where we had (great) hamburgers and dark draft beer and looked out at the ocean, where whales were spouting, on their way from Alaska south to Scammon's lagoon and other warm water bays for calving. Sun setting just before we got into Pt. Arena. Really a nice day, blue water, a nice swell, surfers out (mostly getting stuffed by straight across 8-foot waves) at Salmon Creek. I feel so lucky, being able to take off for a few days like this, recharging psychic batteries…


Trailer Park Cyclist said...

I would love to read more about Louie's beautiful hand built lapstrake double- ender. Plumb stems have such a business-like look about them.

What happened to the crab? Crab Louie? Sorry, couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

Nice trip!

Staroid said...

Are you heading up all the way to The Staits of Juan de Fuca? I suppose the itinerary will include a stop to see your friend Godfrey.
On the way, feel free to visit our friends in Astoria, and see us in Port Townsend. Write me and we'll meet.
Or, maybe Sara and Dippity will introduce us!

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