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A Plan For Empty McMansions

How about converting all those grossly large empty houses into duplexes? Or divide each one by 4 or 6 to create small apartments…


Anonymous said...

I thought that was what we're going to do with the shopping centers. (You did see the article about groups of college students renting the McMansions instead of dorm living?)

Susan said...

That's what happened to many of the big old Victorians in my city. I hadn't thought of people carving up the McMansions into apartments, but that may very well be their fate!

izzit said...

This video shows a lakefront "mega-mansion" owned by various ponzi-schemers, now owned by the IRS and de-constructed by the ReUse Center in Minneapolis:

I'm glad they're saving the marble & wood & other materials(obviously recently installed), but otherwise this 36,000 sq. ft. "home" is just a gigantic condo with a castle-size kitchen (for takeout?) and numerous bathrooms and bedrooms - most of which look as unremarkable as any apartment. It still breaks my heart that they're tearing down this building that could adequately house so many people (who have lost true "homes" in every sense)...

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