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News Flash!! Jay Shafer Taking His Tumbleweed Tiny House to Occupy Wall Street NYC

Jay is kicking it up a notch. He's on his way to NYC. Brilliant! 
'When I found out that living in a tiny house is illegal, I just had to get myself into one. This is the coziest form of civil disobedience I’ve found. It’s the tiny Trojan horse with curb appeal'.…Jay Shafer is headed towards Wall Street, fully cognizant of the pepper spray and billy clubs that have increasingly intimidated those who have chosen to freely assemble. He knows that when a society puts consumption over safety, it not only depletes bank accounts, causes citizens to face possible disclosure, but risks residences with enhanced dangers of earthquakes, floods and fires, one of the unfortunate by-products over larger houses. It is the time for him to speak out. The Small House is coming, Wall Street. Viva la tiny revolution!…"

(There are 6 pages on Jay's Tumbleweed houses in our Tiny Homes book. He's been on Oprah, the Today show, was the subject of a New Yorker article last month.)


Anonymous said...

Wall Sreet has its big paychecks.Big Oil pays no taxes.Big Medical makes obscene profits.President and Congress have own health care.Jay has something that is so beautifull.Like Waldon Pond

Island Woman MJ said...

This is so great! Thanks for the update, Lloyd, looking forward to hearing (reading) what happens when he gets there.

Staroid said...

Goforit, Dude! Looks fabulous, and gives you an occupation space. Careful not to get the truck towed, though.

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