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My Little hand-Pump Espresso Machine

I bought this little Olympus Cremina machine many years ago for $250 used. It quit working and I bought a used Rancilio Silvia. A while ago I took the Olympus in and got it fixed. I've switched to using it now. I like the industrial look. I'm working on my crema. I've looked for them online today and the only one for sale (new) was $3850!

On Sirius "'50s on 5" radio now:

…I'm like a one-eyed cat
Sleepin' in a seafood store…
   -Shake, Rattle and Roll, Big Joe Turner


Anonymous said...

i have one of these i got from an ex-boyfriend who was going to throw it out! i had it fixed and, aside from having to clean it occasionally, it works great.

empidog said...

Bellisimo....Nowt like good creme...

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