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Move over McMansions and Meet The Tiny House Movement

"What’s green, affordable and rolls on wheels? The 'Molecule House,' built by Jason Dietz and his father Michael in Felton (Calif.).
   I was sitting at the Scotts Valley Car Wash this summer when I looked over at the mobile home lot and saw the cutest cottage beckoning me over. At around $48,000, it offers a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and two loft bedrooms which can accommodate queen beds.
   'These little houses are all built 'green,’ Dietz said. 'We use as many non-toxic components as we can, so on the outside all the wood is sealed with vegetable oil, not harsh chemicals, and the inside is painted with all zero VOC milk paints.' Dietz sources all his construction materials from Santa Cruz County, including the redwood lap siding from Big Creek Lumber'
   “It’s a 2x4 construction built like a regular house, with copper wiring and double paned windows. The real wood will stand the test of time and there is no formaldehyde or off-gassing like you would get in a manufactured home.'…"

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Paula said...

Ahhh.. Felton....Scotts Valley..places from my childhood. I work in Portland Oregon, and one of my co-workers who is from Santa Cruz, was delighted to learn that I'm from San Jose. I miss the Santa Cruz Mountains in the summer time...Hwy 17....Hwy 9. Good times....

I'll have to check out this little Molecule Homes.

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