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Mighty Fisherman: One Horseneck Clam

I went clamming a few days ago and after an hour of shoveling, returned home with one horseneck clam. (The limit is 10.) Anyway, it worked out pretty well. I've learned that if you put horsenecks in a bucket of fresh water, they die right away, and within a few hours you can just peel the skin off the neck, leaving you with a nice piece of white meat similar to calamari. I chopped this up finely with a knife and added cocktail sauce, lime, worcestershire sauce, it was really good, like a shrimp cocktail. Then I cleaned out the body of the clam, and steamed it in a little water, parsley and garlic, and that was good too. The soft parts of the clam tasted like oysters.

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Ava said...

Sounds great! I wonder if, since it is related to the geoduck clam, you can slice it and eat sashimi style, which is often done in Chinese cooking (or not-cooking, as the case may be).

-Ava (strawhat.tumblr.com)

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