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Log Cabin With Sod Roof in Yukon

Kent Griswold's tinyhouseblog is the best thing out there on the subject. He puts up a post each day. This one from December 17th, 2011:
"This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was taken by Emily, a geology student from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The picture was taken somewhere in the Yukon and I discovered her blog by accident looking for tiny cabins in the mountains. It is a random photo of a log cabin she took on one of her explorations of the area and I just think it is so cool and fits right in with this feature.…"


Anonymous said...

The cabin looks very similar to Dick Proenneke's. He's the guy who retired in his early 50s in the late 1960s, built a cabin in Alaska, and lived there pretty much alone for nearly 30 years. His book, One Man's Wilderness, documented his building of the cabin and day to day adventures.

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