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Sold in One Day! The 84 Sq. Ft. Microhous, $16,500

From Steven at Tiny House Listings, Dec 4, 2011:
"Glenn’s off the grid tiny house made quite a buzz around the internet the past couple days. It was featured in a number of major publications including the New York Times, Tiny House Blog, The Denver Post and more. Yesterday Glenn posted his tiny house on Tiny House Listings for sale.…
   Earlier today he sent me an email informing me that the tiny house has already sold! His tiny house listing received over 1,000 views in less than a day and he received a high volume of emails and phone calls from his listing. Glenn also shared with me that he is potentially about to take six more orders for similar tiny homes to be built.
It’s nice to see that the demand for tiny homes is alive and well. If you have a tiny home for sale you can list it here."


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