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Cedar Siding For Tiny Home on Trailer

"For a truly homelike feel, there’s nothing like cedar siding on the exterior. For the Ballard model we’re building, we used kiln-dried, tight-knot cedar. We chose a lap pattern with a seven-inch reveal alternating with a one and three-quarter-inch reveal. We love the distinctive look it gives.…"


makerofthings said...

Seems to me cedar makes a fantastic exterior, durable, smells amazing and massively light..
Its also gonna weather down to a beautiful stealth shade.
I'm building a slightly different version in the u.k.

cheers .. Dan.

Doyel akter said...

Your home is beautiful! We are building a white farmhouse in central Texas and I am trying to decide on exterior paint colors.I would love to know what brand/color paint you used for the siding and trim.I love the slight difference in color.Beautiful home inside and out!

Landon Edgington said...

For some reason I can't see the photo. I assume that the cedar siding looks amazing - ha. Well, nice job anyways.

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