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Can We Talk?

It's a drippy grey Sunday morning and I'm looking over my photos, I love doing this -- it's like hunting, but with cameras not guns. So goldarned much going on everywhere I go in the world. It's just a matter of seeing it.

When I first took acid (1964), I could see flowers breathing; it wasn't an hallucination. Flowers do breathe, we just usually don't see it. So I'm looking around in this absolutely interesting inspiring fascinating world. (You'll have to pardon me if I'm not incapacitated by all the evil, greed, and shitty politics afoot.)

I wish I could do a decent layout of my trips upon return. My HTML skills are not up to doing it right now, so will just keep throwing photos out in this limited format. "I'm Jimmy Reed" playing now. You Got me Dizzy. Cup of espresso sweetened with agave nectar, whole wheat toast with marmalade, vapor by Volcano, stylin'…

I'm going to throw a bunch of photos out from the last 3 days, not necessarily in order:

Rivers in NorCal low right now. Gimme some rain!


jandean said...

Beautiful. I can smell the espresso and marmalade...

upriver said...

Beautiful. I can smell the Volcano... (have you seen the Magic Flight Launch Box?)

Anonymous said...

I can taste the colours,...

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