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Breakfast With Pepe and a Great New Little Camera

Louie's friend Pepe made us a great breakfast of French toast and bacon and barista-quality coffee this morning. Pepe is into elegant design. He turned me on the my Canon Powershot S90 (and 95)camera, my coffee roaster, a couple of lenses for my Canon 20D, shocks for my Toyota 4x4…. Today he showed me the Fujifilm X10. Looks like the first thing better than the S90-95-100 in years. It's bigger, but looks like it might be the camera for me to travel with, rather than having the limitation of my Powershot (as good as it is), or the weight of my serious camera and assorted lenses (Panasonic Lumix G-1). Going to check it out.

Pepe's pics of Louie and me:


Eric James Soltys said...

The manual zoom of the Fujifilm X10 is an interesting quirk for a digital camera. It would be nice to quickly crank the zoom in/out without waiting for a motor.

dave said...

Hey Lloyd, I just got one last week and love it, although care needs to be taken in strongly lit scenes as highlights tend to blow out. For me the big things are the compact size, sturdy build, the image quality is superb and it can shoot HD video.

Lloyd Kahn said...

And if I'm not mistaken, it has a panoramic function like the Sony CyberShot, where (I believe) it shoots a movie as you pan, then stitches it together seamlessly. Whereas my CyberDShot did about 180 degrees.

upriver said...

Zoom motors are often what goes out first on my camera... a manual is a very intersting development in my mind!

Pepe said...

If the highlites blow try one of the 5 dynamic range settings (2 are in EXR mode only). This camera is a case of familiarity breeding deep loving addiction. For me 90% of my photos can be taken with this camera and not feel I missed something!

Regina Brandao said...

Dear SR.
I'm an architect and artist that lives in Brazil and I'm going to NY on May. I need a camera that provides me a good photo, simple, all in one, not so heavy, that I can take to any place. What do you recommended?

Lloyd Kahn said...

From personal experience: Canon Powershot 95 (or 100). Pepe says his Fujifilm X10 is even better.

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