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Big Surf Sonoma County, Big Crabs Marin County

 Last night I traded a building book to fisherman Todd  for these 2 beauties. How about that Pacific Ocean?

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to reflect on how docile these crabs look sitting in a box out of their element. The reality is that only the males are kept of a certain size, ie the bigger males, and that when in the water these are fast, agile, fierce and aggressive little warriors with lots of attitude.

If you are ever down at the docks buying off a boat with a live tank ask if you can roll up your sleeve and try catching one from a (highly oxtgenated) tank. HA!

Give thanks when eating these noble creatures, they have a much more sophisticated and powerful life then we ever realize from seeing them out of the water and suffocating.

But damn they are GOOD to eat

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