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All My Blog Photos in One Place

Pintarest is an "online billboard." Somehow it's got all (most?) of my blog photos from the last few years, organized like a scrolling poster. I don't remember if I signed up for this, but I think it's great. (Many photos are posted numerous times, probably because I went back and corrected certain posts.)

Also check out the "architecture" category: http://pinterest.com/all/?category=architecture.


Anonymous said...

dont think you did sign up as you havent got a 'board', but those of uswho follow your posts can nick images and 'pin' them onto personal collections- always and automatically linked back to your blog (which keeps me in good cheer, thank you!) x

Craig Taylor said...

Pinterest is really a good site where you can post good images. I have one request but I am not yet using it as much as you do.

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