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My MacBook Air and 77-year-old High School Friends

It's early morning and I'm in San Francisco, with my 11" MacBook Air (the single most beautiful tool I've ever owned), with a latte at Caffé Roma. Ex-mayor and uber-politico Willie Brown is being filmed here, at another table. Talking about something or other. Willie dresses impeccably.
   At noon I'm meeting friends from Lowell High School, Class of '52, for lunch at Schroeder's 100-year old German restaurant. San Francisco natives, an endangered species… Next year will be our 60th reunion, ulp!


Klaas. said...

Hello Lloyd,
Look in your blog november 21th.

Greegings, Klaas.

Klaas said...

Sorry, mistyped the date.
It must be november 12th.

Ken K said...

Hi Lloyd, I'm a regular reader of your blog...ran into it through Root Simple a while back, but had to comment when you mentioned that you hold your re-unions at Schroeder's in SF! My Family used to have an annual dinner there at Christmas time, and after dinner we would stroll the streets to look at the lights and different Holiday displays. It was always a treat for us kids, and Schroeder's is truely a classic! Thanks for the memories!


Kristopher Gawron said...

What were they filming about? Was it a documentary? I haven't been to Schroeder's, but a colleague of mine from the office has. She told me she enjoys the ambiance of that restaurant, and what makes it even better is they have free Wi-Fi!

Lloyd Kahn said...

Probably local TV. I've seen Willie and cameras in there several times real early.

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