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MTV Meets SunRay Kelley

Here's a film of master natural builder SunRay Kelleys homestead in Washington, as shown on MTV's Extreme Cribs series. MTVs sound track sucks in  my opinion, seems like they're trying too hard to be hip and peppy, but it's a chance to meet SunRay's daughter Kumara and see a bunch of his wild buildings. SunRay was featured in Builders of the Pacific Coast.


Island Woman MJ said...

Agree on the music, but still way big fun and opening up SunRay's work to a whole different spectrum of people. Kumara was great!

Peter Rorvig said...

This is the first MTV Cribs that didn't make me say "GOLD FAUCETS!! THOSE FREAKING RICH POP STARS!!! ARGHHH..." Thanks for posting this! I would have watched it no matter what the music was...good to see Sun Ray's work...would have like to see him walking around with Kumara talking about it all.

Anonymous said...

Dylan walker
Shame I couldn't watch it here in the uk :( does anyone know how I can?

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