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13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me

David brought up the subject of these guys and Lew dug up this rough but potent old video on this Austin band in the '60s:

(Backup is a lot like "G-L_O_R_I_A Gloria…")
It's had over 800,000 views. If you watch this full-screen it's like a liquid black and white movie -- pretty striking. Actually like a B&w light show…

More music du jour: Lucinda Williams and Dan Penn doing "Dedicated to the One I Love," and Stevie Winwood doing "Thirty Second Lover" on a kick-ass album, just out: Dedicated - Steve Cropper - Salute to the 5 Royales


upriver said...

My favorite band... Amazing to see you mention them (on one of my favorite blogs). The band's biography book "Eye Mind" is well worth a read. An amazing collection of tales.

Okemah said...

You can feel the collective energy flying right off him.
Roky was the real deal.

bayrider said...

Did anyone mention that Roky coined the term 'Psychedelic Rock'?

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