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Lloyd in 1½ min AOL skateboarding video

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A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by AOL in New York. They wanted to do a 1½ min video on me skateboarding. I met the producer and camera man in Golden Gate Park on a hot Sunday (when the park is closed to traffic). We spent almost 6 hours, filming, talking, setting things up. Jon mounted a GoPro Helmet Hero HD video camera on my board, and at one point a microphone on the board to pick up wheel noise, and he shot tons of footage with a big Sony video camera. Above is the result.

Here's the direct link to AOL Video: http://aol.it/oz2Fkp


Paula said...

Duuuude! Do you think maybe you're getting all that attention because of your awesome physique, you gnarly old man?!?

Nadezda Appolat * Надежда Апполат said...

Aaaaaa!!! Super!!!

ejbythesea said...

Lloyd you continue to inspire. Your rides in the film certainly look more thrilling than the tiny waves at the beach here this morning. I am sitting in my Kahn/Shelter inspired cabin in the woods as I type this. A dirt board would be the call here. Do you remember Doc Ball, one of the earliest surf photographers? The local news here did more than one interview with him about his skateboarding when he was in his 80s. Your video reminded me of him.

Anonymous said...

uber supa dupa!

Mark said...

Great Blog!! Guys like you leave guys like me (mid40's) with no excuses. Pricing out my first Longboard in the next couple of days.

John X said...

Lloyd, you're the hero of thousands of younger (but not exactly YOUNG) guys the world over.

Lloyd Kahn said...

ejbythesea, I saw Doc Ball skating in a movie about old surfers, I think he may have been 90. And yes, his surf book is a classic. The first one I think. San Onofre in the good old days.

Unknown said...

Fantastic!!!! we need to break the stigma that skateboarding is odd if an older person does it. No one blinks twice when you see an 80 year old on a bike. Fun isn't limited to the young, having fun should be a lifetime achievement. There will be plenty of resting when you're dead. Rock On

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