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Photos in garden yesterday


Rob Murray said...

oh man, we had frost two days ago here in Manitoba! it will be a long time till my veggies are looking like that.

Island Woman MJ said...

Beautiful! And love the stove.

Caroline said...

Hi Lloyd, your garden looks nice, and I love the stove as well! We were inspired to build a small greenhouse/wood storage shed of our own design last summer, so it was great using it this spring for veggie and flower seedlings.

Thanks, and can't wait for the tiny homes book!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. They remind me of my grandmother's yard. Nature is so healing. After the loss of a baby, the only place I could find comfort was outside by the water under the trees.

Anonymous said...

hi Lloyd, was scrounging for one of your garden sections, to post this link, in case it is of interest


by the way, i hadnt seen this posting yet, sure is nice...love it. am much hoping we will soon be getting some new pics of your homestead/garden...

Anonymous said...

this link, sort of goes with one above.


pretty inspiring..me, i am not so successful..sigh.

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