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Talk in Oakland by Lloyd on Whole Earth Catalog and contemporary back-to-land movement

I'm giving a short talk at the Oakland Museum this week on the current back-to-the-land movement and the influence of the Whole Earth Catalog and other west coast publications on same in the '60s and '70s.

"Hay Fever
The Oakland Standard presents an evening of workshops and talks about the contemporary back-to-the-land movement, and the efforts of young pioneers to homestead rural California. Learn (almost) everything you need to know to escape civilization. Neo-pioneers from the Sierra Nevada foothills and beyond will teach quick lessons in wildcrafting, DIY architecture, rope making, homebrew spirits, and other essential skills.
   Live music by Oakland-based Ethiopian jazz fusion band Sun Hop Fat."

The Whole Earth Catalog and Alternative Structures
Discuss the cultural tide epitomized in the popularity of the Whole Earth Catalog, first released in 1968, and contemporary interest in DIY architecture.
Teacher: Lloyd Kahn

Friday, May 13, 7:30 - 8:00pm
Oakland Museum of California
1000 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94607-4892


Ches said...

Wish I could be there. When I was in my 20's during the 70's I lived in a small, sort of back to the land, anarchist commune in northern NM, building alternative structures. Much of what we did could be termed a failure but for me personally it was a great period of growth and set me on a path for the rest of my life. The Whole Earth catalogue, as well as your book Shelter, were bibles even though I was too poor to but them. Every chance I got I lapped it up. Now, I look at the internet as a continuation of the Whole Earth; it is all about access to information. At least for me I approach the internet as primarily a tool, not as entertainment. Much as I used mind enhancing drugs- tools not entertainment.

Anonymous said...

A Ted- like on- line access would be grand fr us east coast folk. Thanks

frann said...

I am almost 60 and read all the mags back then about off-grid. It has taken me this long to do it. I'm living the dream.

simplyme said...

Any future visits planned to Seattle area? We woud love to see Lloyd here!

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