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Stoplying2me Blog

My blog had 20 hits from this website-with-great-name, so looked it up. It's really nice. Simple, honest, human. You can relate to Monica and Brian. http://stoplying2me.blogspot.com/

"We planned on sleeping out just one night, possibly two, and then going back to sleeping indoors on work nights, which are during the week for us. We were worried we wouldn't get a good nights sleep, BUT, after being out there for two weeks and enjoying it so much, we are no longer worried about that.

I still find it amazing how the tiniest of efforts and just little changes can have a huge impact.

I can sneeze, Lord, I can sneeze!/Tiny House Book Rolling

I've been three weeks today nursing a rib injury. I've learned how to stifle sneezes, because if I don't, it feels like a red-hot poker in the ribs. But today, a sneeze slipped through, and there was just a tinge of pain. Yahoo! The body does recover…
What with a damaged knee (lower body), and banged-up ribs (upper body), it's been a grim month. I need exercise, and when it's lacking, the brain and energy level are flagging. Today things felt a lot better.
Also, I got six pretty good page layouts of the tiny houses book done. Definitely rolling.
Fire on cold night last week

It Was 20 Years Ago Today…

Glenda walked into the office a few days ago and said, “It was 42 years ago today when I saw the Beatles in Atlanta.”
How did you like it? I asked.
“Oh, I was one of those screaming idiots,” she said.
Her words rang a bell. Later That afternoon, it popped into my head:
It was twenty years ago today,
Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play
They've been going in and out of style
But they're guaranteed to raise a smile.
So may I introduce to you
The act you've known for all these years,
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

(Smile if you can hear the horns right now.)
Like when JFK was shot, I remember exactly where I was when I first heard that album. 1000 feet above the ocean on a Big Sur hillside, housesitting for friends on a dark night in June, 1967, fire burning. What is this?  An out-of-the-blue album, a happy rock opera, with English music hall tradition, it was a jolt of joy.

3200-mile Tandem Bike Trip

Eric and Jane Sangster, after their 3200-mile cross-country tandem bike adventure

Kate, the daughter of Mary, our office manager, got married on Saturday. Kate's cousins, Eric and Jane Sangster, decided to ride a tandem bike from their home in Nova Scotia out to the West Coast for the wedding. They left Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in mid-May, rode down the east coast to Virginia,and then headed west. They got as far as Nebraska, weren't going to make it to the wedding on time, so took a train to Oakland. Unloaded their bike, took it on a ferry to San Francisco, then rode across the Golden gate Bridge and out to Bolinas. I shot pic Saturday. They loved their adventures. See: http://is.gd/eknZV

CBS re-run of "America's Dream Homes" (with Lloyd) this Sunday

I'm still amazed and amused that our simple handbuilt home got on the CBS Sunday morning show in May. It's being rerun this Sunday (Aug. 21), 9 AM East Coast time, 6 AM (ulp!) West Coast time.
Link to show: http://is.gd/gCPiw

Shelter Inspires Owner-Builder

In the mail this week:

Mr Lloyd Khan
A girlfriend gave me your Shelter book a few years ago and it was instrumental in helping me think that it was OK to build what I wanted to build, and still conform to all the rules I had to face.
My story (short version): After a summer of river rafting I was pretty much homeless and headed for the land I had bought for $4000 a few years earlier. I built a shack (with a lot of help from my parents) in the fall, early winter; out of found materials - except the 8 by 8 hand-hewn Basswood posts i traded for a video about a local Arborist company - and 2 by 6 plywood floor which I bought. All else, foam, tin, windows, were from the garbage or very cheap.

Walk Down Canyon

Friday I rode my bike out to a nearby canyon and walked down it. It has a year-round creek that supports tall trees and lush ferns, and a thriving bird population.
Botom: native California snail (much different from the common garden variety snails that came from Europe).

Huge Round Barn near Red Cloud, Nebraska

Yesterday I got an email from Cheryl Long, editor of The Mother Earth News. She'd seen my photo of the round barn in Vermont (posting of Aug. 6) and wrote:
"Speaking of round barns, here's the one my sister owns and is trying to raise money for a new roof. We think it is the largest round barn in the world! http://www.starkeroundbarn.com/ It has this unusual framing system that we don't know what to call it--big beams just held together by the weight of the building--3 stories high--almost no braces or pegs, no mortise/tenons. Do you know what it's called? Seems pretty rare."

Claude Drolet's Gargoyle Garage in Québec

In this morning's mail:

Hello Lloyd, hope everything is fine in your life.

I send you a picture of a construction call: "Garage à gargouilles" (in English Gargoyle’s garage) that I did some 10 years ago (most of my building have a name. Some curves look like to the house of Lloyd House that is in your marvellous book: Builder of Pacific Coast, which I discover only last year.…Claude Drolet from Québec

Arthur Espenet Carpenter: Education of a Woodsmith

Press release: "Art Carpenter, self-taught woodworker writes about his process of becoming a designer of innovative and creative furniture. His book, 160 pages with magnificent color photographs, has been over 20 years in the writing.…
'Name a contradiction, and Art Carpenter lived it. He was a square among hippies; a master craftsman who knew how to cut (or at least round) corners; a modernist with a rustic aesthetic; a much-revered icon who disliked being an object of attention. Even his name seemed to embody the happy union of two things normally kept apart. Though he hated the pun, it fit him perfectly. He was indeed a woodworker with deep aesthetic sense, or put the other way round, a born artist who knew how to get things done.'" -Glenn Adamson, head of graduate studies at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
To order: Send $55 (includes tax and shipping) payable to Arthur Carpenter III to 120 Mountain Lane, Mill Valley, CA 94941.