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Great Website for Converting a Van for Living

Info-heavy website reviewed by Kevin Kelly on his CoolTools:
"Roomier than a car, but cheaper than an RV, a retrofitted van makes a cool inexpensive house. Once popular during hippie days, the ancient American tradition of modifying a van is undergoing a resurgence as rents continue to rise. More folks each year commute from work and then park their home, instead of parking in front of it. On this lovely free website, you can find inspiring examples of cheap nomads, detailed instructions for conversions, gear recommendations, and lots of advice for living in a low rent or homemade RV from 'them that's doin' it.' -kk"

Bill Castle Built a Home for $10,000 in 10 Days

I met Bill Castle in Costa Rica about 20 years ago. He and his wife Barb were running a B&B just south of Puerto Limón on the Caribbean. Bill was a real builder, had built bridges before dropping out and creating a village in the woods of downstate New York called Pollywogg Holler. He ended up being one of the 3 featured builders in HomeWork: Handbuilt Shelter.
He's an extraordinary builder. Chris McvClellan wrote an article for The Mother Earth News last year on his $10,000 house, anf I got reminded of it by Lew on his Shelterpub Facebook page. Article here: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Green-Homes/Timber-Frame-Homes.aspx

Arched Barn by Christopher Chilcote, Northern California

Christopher Chilcote is a designer/builder in Anderson Valley, Northern California. He uses salvaged lumber when possible.  Note way clear story is extension of one side of curved roof. Nice!
Pics of his arched barn at: http://millkat.com/MILLKAT/Portfolio.html
Discovered by Lew Lewandowski

Tiny Greenhouse in San Francisco

In backyard of The General Store, 1899 Irving Street, San Francisco.
Recycled materials. Cool neighborhood.

Monday Morning Blues and News

New graffiti on beach: the taggers were down there working yesterday. I love this art form. Totally guerrilla, has nothing to do with the art world. Spontaneous, tough, decentralized, no $$$. Look at the lips here, the eyes. It's on a corner of the seawall.
Vintage whine: I've been moping around big-time. My face and head healed up pretty fast from getting hit by a rolling log last week, but the cracked ribs are the bummer. There's a brotherhood of guys who have had rib injuries. My friend Paul Wingate says, “Please God, don't let me sneeze.” Can't run, can't paddle, Lord, life is bleak when the limbs are stationary. BUT, I'm starting to feel a bit better, going to take the long walk this afternoon.
iPad Stretches: could we have a hit here? It's been downloaded 1500 times in its first 10 days out there.  Rick just wrote me: "It's currently listed as the #3 free offering in the Health, Body & Mind category of the iBookstore." iPad users check it out. It's free.
Tiny house book: I've got so much material this could easily be a series. I'm just about ready to start laying out

Round Timber Framing in the UK

Outdoor classroom at Sustainability Centre in South Downs National Park, U.K
On 5/13/10, I got this email:

Dear Lloyd,
My name is Jack I'm 28 and a carpenter, I live in a town called Bridport in the south west coast of England. I've been a fan of your building books ever since a friend showed me a copy of Shelter in Spain when I was helping him build a cob house. I had never seen or heard of such structures before I went to help in 2003, He was using your book as a guide to build his house (which has been extremely successful); since then your other books have been and still are a true inspiration to my love of natural earth born structures. I have been working for a conservation building company for the last 5 years and want a change, something that will lead me to constructing unique and innovative buildings.