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Tiny house with 3 stories

In looking at Shelter for material on tiny houses, I ran across a drawing we had of a very steep-roofed little New England cabin. I was going to post the drawing, but in doing some research ran across a photo of the building, along with plans. It looks to be about 16 x 22', and is three stories. It's called The Peak House, and was built in 1680 in Medfield, Norfolk County, Mass. Along with the photo are plans for the timber frame. Available, along with plans for other timber frame buildings of early America, via the Library of Congress at: http://www.loc.gov/rr/print/list/100_tim.html


frann said...

1680!!! I think they got their money's worth outa this house. Hope mine stands for 30 years....

QUAIL333 said...

Lloyd, I mentioned it before, you should check out Albert Frey's 400 sq. ft. Modernist 'GEM' for your book. If you bothered you would find it has all the highest qualities for siting and craftsmanship that you would respect, in a clean Modernist package. You need to visit it but maybe "Albert Frey Houses 1 + 2" the book would help. I think you are too hung up on your bohemian aesthetic. Albert might help you to appreciate Modernism on a more intimate level and make it easier to reach the Dwell audience. Don't limit yourself, your aesthetic is partially a fashion statement, it is not timeless, get over it! I'm done but your not! Cheers!

PhilM said...

I'm sure that when lloyd does his book "Builders of the California desert", you'll get all the Albert Frey you can take. Fun space age stuff, but the style that is perfect for Palm Springs, doesn't really work in most of the world.

jesmed said...

Lloyd, this house sits just down the road from me! Let me know if you'd like some color photos for your next book. I'd be happy to shoot some for you, gratis. Contact me at jesmed@earthlink.net. Regards--Jesse

Anonymous said...

Quail333 and the Dwell audience isn't a lifestyle/fashion statement? Get over yourself you are not unique or cutting edge just self centered.


Lloyd Kahn said...


Sure, would love to see some pics. Any chance of shooting wide angles of interior? (I'm curious what the top story is like.) The steepness of the roof here is what's unusual for a tiny house.

What a coincidence, you living nearby and seeing it on the blog. Thanks for writing,

PS I'm going to address Quail333's comments and the Dwell crowd aesthetic as soon as I get time.

Abbie said...

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