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Wooden Domes in Canada

Framework for these domes: "Prefabricated modular panels (approx. 2ft x 8ft) using 2x4 or 2x6 off-cut lumber less than 2 ft long and oriented strand board (OSB) strapping." http://www.cwdg.ca/gallery.html

Sent us by Jan Janzen

New Park in Manhattan 50 Feet Off the Ground

"After years of wrangling, delays, and uncertainties, the High Line, an astonishing urban park built upon the remnants of an abandoned stretch of elevated railway…" opened last week. "It's along the western fringe of the Chelsea neighborhood, some two stories above the street…the brilliant landscaping by Piet Oudolf was meant to evoke the wild plants that spring up along unused train tracks…" 

The Photography of Mareen Fischinger

Mareen Fischinger is a prolific photographer working out of Düsseldorf, Germany. The only other artist I've seen who does (did) panoramas like these is David Hockney (his wonderful book of collages is Cameraworks).
Mareen's website: http://www.mareenfischinger.com/projects/panography/
Mareen's blog: http://blog.mareenfischinger.com/

Perpetuum Jazzile, Slovenian Choir, Live Africa 2008

Godfrey Stephens just sent me this, with a note:
"A storm of sorts…
Turn up volume…"

"Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian choir that performs jazz and popular music….The choir consists of both female and male singers, occasionally augmented by jazz instrumentalists from RTV Slovenia Big Band….a wide spectrum of jazz styles, performing complex and dense harmonies….performs bossa nova and swing music, as well as funk, gospel and pop,[citation needed] either a cappella with vocal percussionist Sašo Vrabič, or with a jazz trio…"
Above text from Wikipedia


The local waters are rich with anchovies, and therefore halibut and rockfish, and local fishermen are bringing in lots of fish. I was on the beach Friday and saw Andrew coming in from a day fishing. His little boat skimmed along, in between the waves, through the channel. These guys have been going in and out of the channel enough years that they're good at it. It's tricky, you've got to avoid waves as well as the shifting shallow bottom. I grabbed my bike and rode over to the town dock where Andrew was unloading. He gave me this "copper," one of the best eatin' rockfish. Had some of it raw with catchup, chopped onions, worcestershire sauce, then sautéed for dinner. There's just nothing like fresh!

Trees Watered by Fog Catchers

The fog catchers in Peru (previous post) channel fog water to trees via channels made from scrap tile.

Fog Catchers Bring Water to Parched Villages

On the coast of peru there is scant rainfall. This from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/bigphotos/66973550.html"When dense fog sweeps in from the Pacific Ocean, special nets on a hillside catch the moisture and provide precious water to the village of Bellavista, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) outside of Lima, Peru. With a few thousand dollars and some volunteer labor, a village can set up fog-collecting nets that gather hundreds of gallons of water a day—without a single drop of rain falling, conservationists say."
Thanks to David Naas