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Painted Lady, Connecticut

Marcia Miner just sent me this.

"When I saw the painted lady on your blog I had to laugh because I took this picture yesterday of a house I love that is not far from my house. I have taken pictures of it over the years during different seasons. It's like a mama to the house you shot.

Painted Lady, San Francisco

Happy house out by the beach in San Francisco

Beamer Bike Late Night San Francisco

I like the looks of this bike. Parked outside The Great American Music Hall last Friday night. Sherm, Nicole and I saw Beausoleil, the Cajun band from Louisiana. Great American is a fabulous club, it originated in 1907, after the big SF earthquake, was Sally Rand's burlesque club, designed by a French architect, very rococo. Good vibes, good fung shui, and a great staff. They cleared an aisle so we could get Sherm in his wheelchair right up to the front. Great band. Opener was David Lindley, gunslinger guitar player extraordinaire.

GIMME SHELTER Newsletter - Spring 2009 -Pura Vida

Yoga retreat under construction at Encanto la Vida hotel, Costa Rica

I send out a newsletter to about 600 people every month or so, covering our publishing activities, and my travels. The latest is a bit on my recent trip to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and islands in Panama + other stuff. Click here.

Playing With 10-Year-Olds in Oakland

After shooting a bunch of photos I went into a nearby schoolyard to ride my skateboard. There were a few kids with skateboards, but they'd never seen anything like my Loaded bamboo longboard, or my Big Kahuna pavement paddle. It didn't take much encouragement for them to get rolling on the longboard. They were a little tentative at first, but soon got into it. I got another board out of the truck and soon they were whizzing around the yard. I showed them how to carve, and they picked it up fast. Pretty soon kids from the block were trickling into the yards, waiting to try it out. They were having fun and so was I.

Old Houses in Oakland

Friday night I went with my friend Sherman to see the Cajun band Beausoleil at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. I had an hour or so to kill in Oakland before going to Sherm's, so I drove around in the Bella Vista neighborhood shooting photos of some of. Oakland's great old houses: