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Little Fiberglas Yurt Greenhouse in Big Sur

I've just been catching up with printing out thumbnails of my photos from the last 6 months or so. I print contact sheets of 20 pix on an 8-½ x 11" piece of paper and store them in binders. It's a lot quicker to find something this way, or to browse, than it is to do it on a computer. Hey, hard copy beats digital for a change!
Anyway, I've been discovering a bunch of photos and I'll post them a few at a time.
Here's a tidy little yurt greenhouse I discovered in a sunny garden in Big Sur in June. You can see how it's built.

Wooden Windows in Russian Villages

Here are photos from Russian villages of wooden windows in old houses. There are over 100 photos here and they are rather dark and somber. The woodwork is beautiful: http://englishrussia.com/?p=2070

Thai Buddhist Temple Built of One Million Beer Bottles

Buddhist temple, called the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, in Sisaket province,Thailand, is built of a million recycled beer bottles (green Heineken bottles and brown Chang Beer bottles).


To Run Or Not To Run

I've been a more or less serious runner for about 25 years — about 3 times a week, 15-20 miles. Not as much as my serious running friends, but nevertheless a commitment. This last year I drifted away from it. I was trying to finish up a much-delayed book, and I basically stopped running.

I didn't feel as well as before. I wasn't getting the endorphins for the brain and the circulation for the body. I didn't have the ravenous appetite. So I started walking a week ago. Last night I went to meet my running friends, a Tuesday night ritual. As of lately I went off on my own, so as not to slow them down. I walked/ran along the ocean (south of Muir Beach), then circled around and came back down a mountain trail back to the beach. I was starting to feel good. By now it was dark, but I could make out the trail and didn't turn on my headlamp. There was a red-tinged sunset mist over the ocean and wisps of fog in the valley. The lights of Muir beach twinkled in the background, making it look like a Mediterranean village. An owl fluttered up off the trail in front of me.

For some reason I started singing songs — loud. I'll See You in My Dreams; Stardust; a bunch of Mills Brothers songs: Paper Doll/Up the Lazy River/Moonlight Bay. No one to hear me. This was fun! Then on to meet the boys in the pub for a pint. A pretty good night. Maybe I'll start running again.

Reconstructed Medieval Cottage in England

Reconstruction of a 14th century peasants' cottage at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum in Sussex, England. The cottage, built with walls of flint and thatched roof, contained two rooms, an inner room with a large domed oven and an outer room with a hearth cut into the chalk floor. The village was uncovered in the early '50s and a detailed analysis can be found in an article reprinted from a 2006 issue of Home Magazine

The Weald and Downland Museum has a magnificent collection of some 50 historic buildings dating from the 13th to the 19th century, and is about an hour's drive (or train ride) south of London.