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Organized Slime: Septic Systems Scams Article in Mother Earth News

I'm blowing the whistle on a huge ripoff of homeowners that is going on across the country: homeowners being forced into very expensive (30-50K) septic systems when in many cases they are not necessary. Read all about it. Get the February issue of Mother Earth News or check it out online at:http://www.motherearthnews.com/Homesteading-and-Self-Reliance/2008-02-01/Truth-About-Septic-Systems.aspx

Moon and Sun at North Pole Art

Floating around the web as an actual photo of moon and sun at north pole, but apparently created in TerraGen, a scenery program by 22-year old German astro-physics student Inga Nielsen. Sure is pretty.

I saw this on Ode magazine's website. Ode is a wonderful relatively new magazine.

Shipping Container Architecture/Too High Treehouse

Just in:

Hiya, Lloyd.... I've been following your blog since the beginning. I'm a big fan of Shelter Pub and all the books from way back when.... I started my own blog this year www.materialicio.us focusing on cool residential architecture and materials, and thought your readers might like to take a gander at it. I'm a nut for shipping container based housing and I've devoted a section to that: http://materialicio.us/tag/shipping_containers OR URL
Cheers, mate!
(Justin Anthony)
This is a great website! Here's a treehouse in Japan at http://materialicio.us/2007/10/31/takasugi-an-terunobu-fujimori/

Terunobu Fujimori, a professor of architecture at the University of Tokyo, built his boyhood dream hideaway, a teahouse on stilts, in the bottom of his father’s garden.