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Backing Off on Blogging

Although I started out (about a year ago) blogging half-heartedly, I ended up enjoying it. I like telling people what I see going on in the world. It gives more meaning to my travels, and observations. I try to write things so that you'll be riding shotgun with me. Plus I love putting up occasional photos. What's the point of shooting photos if you never show them to anyone?
The problem is, it's taking too much time to blog weekly or more. I need to focus on my book on builders and on an article on septic system scams for The Mother Earth News. So I'm cutting back on the frequency of blogging for a while. If you're interested in this stuff, maybe check monthly.
However, while I'm at it (here I go again!) here's some of the latest:
This morning I got up at 4 AM and went to a hot springs on a beach which shall remain unnamed. There's a trail down a steep cliff not for the faint hearted on a dark night. It was a small crowd, being this early and about 6 of us soaked in the hot suffur waters which are in a grotto, looking out to the beach and up at the stars. One guy showed up with 3 large sweet-scented geraniums which he floated in the pool. Two days before this I gathered a bunch of cattail pollen (done by shaking the pollinating heads into a paper bag) and made pancakes with the pollen and fresh-ground millet and wheat flour. They were golden yellow and had a delicious nut-like flavor. I've got my 12' aluminum boat with 15 hp Evinrude ready for fishing and my goal this summer is to get proficient at launching it off the beach so I can start getting salmon, halibut and rock fish. Plus I've got two small crab pots, so I'll go after crabs next year. Hell, I live on the ocean and ought to be getting my own fish. I come from a family of fishermen. My grandfather had a bait and tackle store in San Francisco in the 1920s and he made beautiful bamboo fishing rods. I'm the lamest fishemrman in the family, so decided to get my act together.

Saw this license plate in Larkspur a few days ago