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Photo Op at Purple Skunk, Through Woods to Hot Springs, Over To Coast, In The River, Wild Duck Dinner at Louies, Skateboarding, Now In Ft. Bragg…

Purple Haze

I left on a month-long photo trip four days ago. Here's a picture of moi with Lizzie, proprietor (and skater) of The Purple Skunk skateboard shop on 5820 Geary (near 23rd Ave) in San Francisco. It's the Northern Calif. mecca of longboards, with maybe 20-30 at any one time that you can take out and cruise around the block. I'm their, ahem, oldest skater, and this was a shot for a skating magazine.

I'm holding my short board, Lizzie's got her Loaded (oak) deck with big wheels

Check it out, girls! Ad in Concrete Wave, great Canadian skateboarding mag

War Sukz!

Truck parked on Jones Street, San Francisco, 6/30/06

Hot Springs At Dawn

I got to the hot springs area at 4AM and walked down the path in dappled moonlight to the springs (which shall remain anon-y-mouse for various reasons). The hot pool is so hot, you could not take it 2 degrees hotter. It gets yr. attention. Zap! Then into cold pool, and you have a layer of warmth insulating you from the cold. Dawn came slowly, there were sweet-smelling flowers, creeks trickling, and a profuse bird population of this canyon made morning music that was thrilling. And it's just what's there.
Then around 6:30 AM I suited up and skateboarded 1-1/2 miles downhill on a county road with smooth pavement and little traffic. I had to jump off a few times, but there were stretches where the slope was just right and I could cruise and carve.
What a way
To start the day!

Sun Ray Kelley's Yurt/Temple In The Woods

Sun Ray Kelley's magnificent 50' X 80' temple of natural materials nears completion. This is one of the feature buildings in the book on carpenters I'm doing now.

Three Days At Louie's On The River

Louie's bathroom

Left, Bannister decoration; right, Lying on one of Louie's workbenches: antique Channellock/Grip=Lok vice grips nthat can be operated one-handed. (Louie welded the pipe fitting on for fitting into palm of hand.) Unique tool, I just ordered an old one on the web. $65.

Louie says wood cut in the round like this cutting block always splits, so you open up a crack and let it dry out, then inset a wedge.

Skating This Morning

There's a half-mile downhill near Pt. Arena, little traffic, smooth pavement and I got into full battle gear (helmet, and knee, elbow and hand guards) and skated twice on my short board, then got into longboarding (a 43" Eastwind board from Portland), and loved the stable feeling, cruising in style . I kept hiking back up for more runs. Now I'm in Fort Bragg, at a fast Wi-Fi connection (bless their hearts) at the Cookie Company, great coffee, hisoric old building, now heading up to the "lost coast" and a solar-powered barbecue on the 4th of July.

More to follow as I head north. Going in the spirit of Godfrey's blessing of last year that "May your trip be fraught with adventure." Life is rich out here on the road.