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Swap Wives for 20K!

I got this email a few weeks ago, I guess because we publish books on alternative shelter http://shelterpub.com/. From their website it looks like they get two families with kind of opposite values, and the wives switch places for a week or two, sharing everything except sleeping arrangements with the other family. I merely pass this on because, contrary to what Daniel thinks, 20K could be quite an incentive to do something as dumb as this. Hey, don’t call me, call Daniel (!)
-Lloyd Kahn

My name is Daniel Markell and I am the Casting Producer for the hit show Wife Swap on ABC! We are currently looking for an amazing family with strong principals that have chosen to live in an alternative shelter. I feel that there is a certain awareness that a lot of people could benefit from experiencing! Ideally, we are looking for a family (married with kids over the age of 6) with great personalities who would be gung ho for the experience of a lifetime. Any additional exposure you could bring to this casting would be greatly appreciated! Also. not that money is an incentive, but its worth mentioning that the family that is selected and participates in the episode receives $20,000! So, if you think you know anyone who fits that description, please feel free to have them contact me, with any questions about the show.

Best regards and Many Thanks,

Daniel Markell
Casting Producer, Wife Swap/ABC Television
212 404 1431