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Driftwood Shacks in Oregon

I had to share some of the driftwood shacks my daughter and I found at Moolack Beach in Newport, OR recently. All of your books have brought me so much joy. Thank you!

Joyce Welsh
Portland, OR

Roadkill coyote picked up last night, skinned today.

I have quite a few skins, all from roadkill.  Foxes, bobcats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, weasels. I like the idea of salvaging what turn out to be beautiful furs from what would otherwise rot on the side of the road. After skinning, I stretch the pelt out on a piece of plywood, fur side down, covering it with granular salt. After about a week, I remove the salt, roll it up, put it in a mailing tube, and send it to Bucks County Fur in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. They do an excellent job of tanning and in about six weeks, I get the tanned hide back via UPS.

Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn

Colorful Buildings in San Francisco

There seems to be an explosion of color in newly-painted houses, all over the city. Some a bit weird, like this apartment building. When I get the time (or a clone), I'd like to do a photo essay of city color.

Ohlone Tribe of Santa Cruz

This lovely painting is on the wall of the Santa Cruz Museum Of Natural History, a wonderful small museum with displays of the former inhabitants of the Monterey Bay Area, as well as local flora and fauna. It's at 1305 East Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

What a beautiful life California inhabitants had before the Europeans arrived!

Display of owls at Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

My Exhibit of Driftwood Shacks

I did an exhibit of driftwood shacks on NorCal beaches last month at the Bolinas Museum. 26 photos from years of beachcombing. My friend Hans Frey shot this photo on opening day. I'm going to do a print-on-demand book on the subject as soon as I get the time. I have a lot of "content" that may work in this format. What I need these days is a clone.

Bruno's Hand-hewn Froe Mallet

Bruno Atkey, one of the major builders in Builders of the Pacific Coast, has been splitting cedar shakes for most of his life. He split the shakes for my 6-sided tower roof from driftwood logs (and his girlfriend Mecea drove them down here in a van). He's split cedar shakes, and even siding, in British Columbia for numerous homes over the years.

Godfrey Stephens sent us this photo of Bruno's latest mallet. (I use an old bowling pin.) In the background is one of Godfrey's paintings.

Here's a photo of a froe:

Hummingbird Rescue Operation This Morning

We discovered a hummingbird this morning in the kitchen office, huddled up and catatonic. It probably got in there last night and was unable to get out. I just read that hummingbirds have to consume their body weight in food (nectar and insects) each day and they have to stock up before nightfall to survive until the next day. When facing starvation, they are able to lower their body temperature.
This one was close to expiring and when we picked it up, it didn't move. We started feeding it sugar water and warmed it under a lightbulb. Pretty soon its tiny tongue flicked out and it started swallowing. Its eyes, which had been closed, opened. After maybe 5 minutes, it started moving its wings. Back from the dead. We took it outside and—zoom!—off it went into the highest birch tree—jubilation from the humanoids.
In these photos you can see it with its eye closed, and later, open.

Freezing blackberries on tray prior to freezing in bags (so they will not all stick together, and I can take out varying amounts for smoothies).

French-Canadian Family's Small Home in Quebec

Sophie and Marc's home will be in our next book, Small Homes. Here is a letter from them, with a link to a film of their family and home:

Dear Lloyd,
Marc and I were on tv radio-canada last night.
Our family philosophy, construction and lifestyle close to nature—10 min.
Have fun watching
Love to you
the quebec family
Sophie Belisle and Marc Boutin

Maine Builder Specializes in SMALL, not TINY Homes

Jim Bahoosh is a builder in Maine who specializes in small (500-900 sq. ft.) homes. His homes look really nice, and of the right size.

This of course coincides with our next book, now almost completed: Small Homes, which highlights some 70 builders and their small homes (400-1200 sq. ft.). It's due out in February, 2017.

Article on Jim: http://bangordailynews.com/2016/08/01/homestead/small-but-not-tiny-houses-right-size-for-many/

His website: http://www.jimbahooshbuilder.com/houses.shtml

Rock Balancing on NorCal Beach