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4-wheel Drive Van

Not sure what make this is. On the side it said "Intercooler Turbo 2800." Have never seen one of these in the U.S.

Old Farm Building

Kwagiu'l Totem in Duncan, BC, by Richard Hunt

Duncan (just south of Nanaimo) is another pretty good-feeling town. For one thing, the town has commissioned a bunch of authentic First Nations art. This one was carved by Richard Hunt, son of famed carver Henry Hunt.
The 3 animals represented here are (from the top): frog, bear, beaver.
The art of First Nations tribes is still very much alive in Canada.

Abandoned Home Near Ladysmith, BC

I'm always drawn to abandoned buildings. If the foundation isn't rotten, you're halfway there. If the foundation is rotten (as it looks here), it's a question of  whether the framing is sound enough to merit jacking it up and pouring a new foundation.
I'm here at the Vancouver airport, with a few hours to kill, thus these posts…

Photos from Ladysmith Yesterday

A few photos yesterday in Ladysmith, a nice little town south of Nanaimo on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Cumberland is another such nearby town. There are houses for sale for under 200K. Old mining towns. Small homes built for workers that have the appeal and aesthetics of simplicity. (The above isn't one of those homes, it just seemed seemed like a unique doorway cut into the corner of a sort of cube.)

Boats in Deep Bay, Vancouver Island Today

Nice wooden sign

Helicopter Skiing and First Nations Respect

Once it starts, hit the full screen icon (to left of "Vimeo") and crank up the sound.
From Godfrey Stephens

Lloyd & Ilona

This little girl came up to me at my Vancouver book presentation and started jumping up and down: "I'm getting a bunk bed, I'm getting a bunk bed !" Her folks were fixing up a trailer for all of them to live in. I gave her a mini book, which she's holding up here. Thanks to her mom, Dee McLaughlin, for the photo.

Godfrey's Art

Godfrey wasn't home when I got there yesterday so I roamed around and shot photos in his studio. The green bench is distorted here by the photo collage, but the carving looks true.

A book on Godfrey's art will be out in the next few months, edited and published by his niece Gurdeep. I'll announce details when I learn them.

Cruising With Godfrey/56' Wooden Sailboat

Victoria, BC - Today we went out to a secluded harbor and visited Godfrey's friend Cos. Cos is deeply into building, his current project a 58' long wooden sailboat. It's a galleass type sailboat, this one based on a 1926 design for a Danish North Sea vessel. Show below is the keel,  9" thick, 17" deep, and 44'-4" long, cut from one Douglas Fir. Also a couple of tools I like, one new, one old. The Prazi beam cutter attaches to circular saw and allows you to cut curves and odd shapes easily. Cos and I are on the same page when it comes to little planes. This the same model that I use more than any other plane, but this one was an antique, burnished by many carpenters' palms…

Paper Mache Airplane at South Terminal, Vancouver Airport

It's hanging from ceiling, it's maybe 8' long, 6' wingspan. A cartoon in 3D.

Photos in Victoria Yesterday

Big Crowd in Vancouver Monday, Street Art & Godfrey's Art in Victoria Yesterday

300 people showed up for my slide show/book signing at the Vancouver Public Library Monday night, and they had to turn others away due to fire marshal regulations. It was the biggest and best crowd I've ever had. Lively discussion, total rapport. I signed a ton of books.
Vancouver is a 10-star city (along with San Francisco, Hong Kong, and -- Victoria.
I made the 20-minute flight from Vancouver to Victoria in a Beechcraft 20-seater, had to duck to get through aisle to seat/only one other passenger, into Victoria in rain, picked up Mazda-2 rental car, drove in to Victoria, spotted spectacular street art, started shooting pics.
Visited Anián off-the-grid clothing/surfboard/venue conglomeration of little buildings, solar-powered complex. More to come on this tuned-in micro-village later.
The sculpture is by Godfrey Stephens (who I'm about to go visit) and is at Swan's Hotel & Brew Pub.

Early Morning CBC Radio Show

Got up at 5:45 this morning, caught cab to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) Newsroom for my 10 minutes of early morning fame. Host was Rick Cluff who, among other things, was vastly amused by the mini-version of Tiny Homes On the Move. The newsroom was exciting. Big Time.

I said to him before we went on air that the internet sure hasn't destroyed radio and he heartily agreed.

Good vibes everywhere I go in Canada. A lot of Canadian builders know me from Builders of the Pacific Coast. I point out to people it's a book by an American about Canadians. How often does that happen?