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Polyphonic Harmony in Georgia

I mentioned to Rick (Gordon) the other day that I had heard that vocal harmonizing had its roots in Europe, and that I once had a CD with 5-part vocal harmony (but couldn't find it). Rick, who is a singer in addition to being our book builder as well as tech meister, turned me on to the below. It gave me chills. It led me to exploring Georgian singing.

I wonder if Leonard Cohen has heard this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-uK8Ac-rYY


If anyone digs up more of this wonderful singing, please leave a comment.

Little building in small Marin county town

Stretch To Start the Day

I haven't done this for a while, but just got back in to doing it every morning when I fire up the Mac. I have it up at the top of my bookmarks.

Tiny House, Big Living - HGTV Show on Tiny Homes Seeking Builders

We recently got this press release. I haven't seen the show, so don't know what it's like.

They're looking for people who are about to build and live in a tiny home. If you contact them, let us know the outcome.

Contact them here:

Asparagus on Haida Gwai

Photo: Lloyd Alter
(You probably have to be over 50 to get this.)

This is the best of times…

Sixty Minute Man

Vintage skateboard in window, Church of Surf, 3830 Noriega St., San Francisco

Water Color Paintings by Gretchen Del Rio

Wonderful paintings.
"…The images that I paint reflect my emotions and are expression of my life experience. The are not extensively planned, but rather evolve as the painting progresses. I am always surprised by the end result since it comes into being because of what the medium and emotion has suggested.

The paintings are from my heart and I always fall in love with the subject. I believe that we are all connected and, if an image touches you, it is because we all have the same heart even though our paths may be different.

Most of all, painting what I paint makes me happy. The paintings are my own path unfolding. They are an opening door for me and contain my own passion for life."

Hayes Carll & Bonnie Whitmore - Another Like You

Street art, cool-looking surf shop on 3800 block of Noriega, SF - was closed with "gone surfing" sign when I was there yesterday.

Auto showroom with lots of unique vintage autos on Van Ness near O'farrell, San Francisco

Small home out by beach, San Francisco

Gabrielle Garland Art Exhibit Opens Saturday in Chicago

Gabrielle Garland is a prolific New York-based artist whose main focus right now is on homes and dwelling spaces. Her little homes are whimsical and alive. Here is what The Hughes Gallery in Australia wrote about her:

"…Focusing on areas of human habitation, Garland does not seek to directly depict these spaces, but rather to communicate the ways we experience place. To that end she twists the rules of perspective to better suit the shift in focus and vantage point that occurs when we are in a room or outside a building. Memory is integral to the process. Garland takes photographs to remind her of the experience of a space and when translating them to drawings she combines alternative perspectives from different photographs to create 'a kind of virtual collage allowing many different systems of order to exist in a single piece.…'"

 There is a wonderful body of her work at http://gabriellegarland.org/ and an exhibit opening in Chicago on July 22nd (tomorrow): http://www.corbettvsdempsey.com/2016/06/24/gabrielle-garland-2/